About Me…


Just the facts, ma’am:  I’m 30-something, and I live in Seattle with my husband, son, and my kitty Spike (all three of them will help me on my projects).

I have been playing dress up all my life.  I started with clothes out of an old suitcase, and have grown into sewing my own historical and fantasy costumes.  I have never had any formal sewing or fashion education, but my love of ‘old stuff’ led me to a college degree in archaeology from the University of Washington.  I am completely unable to choose a favorite time period, because there are so many lovely details from each generation of fashion.  My costumes have mainly been worn in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), Star Wars Rebel Legion, and at fan conventions.

Awards won include:

“Most Beautiful”, San Diego Comic- Con International Masquerade 2004,

“Most Humorous”, SDCC International Masquerade 2009,

and multiple masquerade awards at local conventions, such as “Best Beadwork” and “Best Recreation”



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